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Electric point heating for the extension and new line Karlsruhe-Basel

Product category: Track Infrastructure / Point heating systems Country / location: Germany, the upgraded / new section (ABS / NBS) Karlsruhe – Basel   PINTSCH GmbH supplied electric point heating systems on the Karlsruhe-Basel upgraded and new line to ensure the maximum availability of the points under winter weather conditions. This line is part of…

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Interlocking System (TMC-Stw.) for the ICE Cologne-Nippes plant

Product category: Axle counting technology / Interlocking technology / Interlocking station TMC-Stw Country / location: Germany, Cologne-Nippes, maintenance depot   At Deutsche Bahn’s most modern depot, all of the ICE trains used in DB’s high-speed passenger transport system are maintained. The ICE 4, the latest vehicle generation, can also be maintained here PINTSCH GmbH was…

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Interlocking technology of Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH in Duisburg

Product category: Axle counting technology, interlocking system, type TMC – RaStw 2.0 Country / location: Germany, Duisburg, HKM   The interlocking technology at the Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH in Duisburg has been completely renewed by PINTSCH GmbH. Approx. 130 points, approx. 190 signals, approx. 420 shunting routes and approx. 332 turner shunting routes from 5…

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Level crossing technology for the Darmstadt – Aschaffenburg line

Product category: level crossing technology RBUEP DK Country / location: Germany, DB Netz AG, Mainaschaff   Route Darmstadt – Aschaffenburg (3557), Mainaschaff – Steinerts (5227) This system is PINTSCH GmbH’s computer-controlled level crossing technology (RBUEP), which meets the requirements of SIL 4 CENELEC (CENELEC – Comité Europeéen de Normalisation Electrotechnique, SIL – Safety Integrity Level).…

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Train formation yard Seddin – North

Product category: Shunting technology / Train formation yard (ZBA) type TMC ZBA incl. VarGBS Country / location: Germany, Berlin Seddin – North   The train formation system Seddin – North consists of an entry group, 2 hump tracks, 28 sorting sidings equipped with shunting systems and an exit group. The control technology replaced by PINTSCH…

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Level crossing technology in Bane Danmark, Denmark

Product category: Level crossing technology RBUEP DK Country: Denmark, Bane Danmark   The Danish Parliament made a fundamental decision in favour of the widespread introduction of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) on the entire public rail network. This also affects the level crossing protection technology, with approx. 600 level crossings between railway tracks…

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Shunting Technology for DB Netz AG in Germany, Maschen

Product category: Shanting technology, Haulage technology Country: Germany, Maschen DB Netz AG commissioned PINTSCH to supply shunting systems in Maschen. 88 sorting sidings in the Maschen north/south and south/north train formation facilities were equipped with shunting systems in 11 construction stages and put into operation. Of these, 40 shunting systems were equipped with additional functionality,…

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Interlocking Systems for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in Duisburg

Product category: Shunting technology, interlocking technology, axle counting technology Country of use: Germany, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg   The core working area at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in Duisburg was completely rebuilt and updated to state of the art by PINTSCH GmbH, to ensure efficient railway operation. Approx. 230 points, approx. 220 signals, approx.…

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