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Track Field Lighting

Track field lighting illuminates workplaces and work paths

More light. More safety.

Track field lighting illuminates workplaces and work paths in shunting yards, at level crossings, parking areas, train formation yards, freight train facilities, train washing facilities and container stations. The illumination of the track field ensures a greater level of safety. Obstacles in the track field can be identified more easily. Staff working there can see the vehicles and the positions of the points better. Train drivers notice those working better and faster. In addition, good lighting generally helps when working on the track or loading and unloading trains, thus also improving efficiency.


PINTSCH has been dedicated to the automatic monitoring and control of lighting systems for many years and this product area has been the subject of continuous development. The control systems deployed have been approved by the Deutsche Bahn AG for the most demanding of track applications. The components meet the most stringent quality requirements and provide the durability which is indispensable in the railway environment. This lighting control technology is fully compatible with the other systems supplied by our company such as point heating systems and can be integrated into the data communication technology used.

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