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PINPROTEGIO Barrier Drives

Even in the design stage, great importance was attached to an extremely robust, low-maintenance design

No hydraulics, purely electromechanical.

Our purely electromechanical barrier drives, free of all hydraulics, SPK 6-6 and SPK 10-10 were developed for blocking access from the road to the tracks, for deployment in the toughest of environmental conditions.

Even in the design stage, great importance was attached to an extremely robust, low-maintenance design in order to guarantee the longest possible service life. Today, all our barrier drives are delivered galvanized as standard.

Typically, the barrier running times of both the closing and opening process are 6 sec. for the SPK 6-6 and 10 sec. for the SPK 10-10. At a level crossing where both types are installed, the appearance of the movement of the barriers can be harmonised. To this end, the running time of the SPK 10-10 can be reduced to 6 seconds. Depending on local requirements (e.g. heavy pedestrian traffic, long closing times, full barriers), a safety skirt with a pendulum support can be fitted to the SPK 10-10 barriers.

In addition, these barrier drives are also suitable for other types of access control, e.g. for factory entrances.


Barrier drives architecture

Our barrier drives are based on a low-maintenance ball screw drive, consisting of a DC shunt motor, a ball screw with a push rod and a retaining magnet. The low current requirement when commencing movement and during operation ensures that the system’s batteries are not placed under excessive load. The barrier itself can be of rectangular cross section (up to 5 metres) and of round cross section (up to 10 metres). Triangular aluminium cross sections are also available. Optionally, different models of (flashing) lights can be attached to the barrier.

Our SPK 6-6 and SPK 10-10 barrier drives are available as both standby current versions (emergency closure in case of power failure) and operating current versions (no emergency closing functionality).

  • SPK 6-6
  • SPK 10-10

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