PINMOVIO Interlocking Systems

Safe and efficient depot and yard operation

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As a systems house, we supply specialised interlocking technology for shunting and ancillary areas, which can be scaled from a single set of points to a complex train formation yard (ZBA), depending on requirements. Our electronic interlocking system is used in areas where signal controlled shunting and train movements are preferable to free shunting using LOP, due to operational requirements. The points are set electrically by remote control. Axle counters ensure that points and track sections are safely signalled as clear. Light signals with LED multi-coloured optics signal the safe routes to the shunting personnel and drivers. The system is run via modern screen-based operating stations, upon which functions for automated train routing can also be implemented as required. Typical areas of application for this interlocking technology are depots and maintenance facilities for rail passenger traffic as well as various types of freight traffic areas, such as shunting yards, freight terminals or the core areas of industrial railways.

  • TMC-RaStw
  • TMC-RaStw 2.0

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