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Point Heating Systems

Our point heating systems keep the points components that move free of ice and snow

Safety in ice and snow.

Operators are constantly faced with the challenge of ensuring the maximum availability of their rail network. This applies particularly in the wintertime, when points movements can be impeded by weather conditions. Our point heating systems keep the points components that move free of ice and snow, thus ensuring trouble-free train service.


Electric points heating system

Different control concepts, ranging from the separate control of stock rail and lock chamber heating systems to the prioritisation of points within a station and comprehensive control management, enable the resource-saving use of energy, while ensuring the maximum availability of points.

Our electric point heating system is distinguished by the simple installation of the heating elements and by its flexibility. The effective heat output and system size can be easily modified. Durable system components keep maintenance to a minimum, while increasing reliability. The electrical energy required can be taken from the overhead line or from the public grid.


Gas infrared point heating system

With its high heating power, available right away, our gas infrared point heating system is the ideal choice for areas with high snowfall. Both natural gas and propane can be used as energy sources. In addition to low operating costs, the use of gas as a primary energy source also reduces CO2 emissions. By using corrosion-resistant system components for the heating equipment, a long service life is achieved, with a minimum of maintenance necessary.


Geothermal point heating system

Our geothermal point heating system, which works on the principle of direct evaporation, does not require any external energy supply for operation. This autonomous system thus meets the highest requirements in terms of CO2 emissions and environmental friendliness. There are no emissions during operation. The preferred location for this type of system is in structurally weak areas, far removed from an energy supply.

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