PINMOVIO Point Machine

Our WOLBER Point Machines – robust, low-maintenance and easy to service. So they reliably ensure free shunting paths.

Innovation by experience

The point machine PINMOVIO WA 550 contains an internal mechanical locking system (patent). Common external high-maintenance locking systems such as clamp locks become dispensable.

We offer a complete throwing system including:

  • brackets and rods
  • rod covers
  • protection shields


Due to its minimal height the point machine PINMOVIO WA 550 is installable in between the rails without works on the existing track system.

The points can be installed on a gap-free ballast ground. Therefore we ensure proper track conditions and reduce the strain on the points. Long-term operations at the sites of well-known railway companies give proof of the high reliability.

The point machine PINMOVIO WA 550 with its robust and compact construction perfectly meets your requirements for the rough conditions of railroad traffic.

Exhibition structure WA-160i-V in function under water


  • Trailable and non-trailable versions
  • Internal mechanical locking system
  • Modular constructions
  • Available with various
    • Throw strokes
    • Throw times
    • Throw forces
    • Operation voltages
    • Internal wirings


  • Compatible interface to existing controls and systems
  • Power switch-off and manual operation with common disconnecting keys and hand cranks
  • Increased work safety due to free shunting paths
  • Highly robust, reliable and easy to maintain

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