Sensor technology

Robust and durable, Tiefenbach inductive proximity switches, Tiefenbach magnetic switches and Tiefenbach level switches, components and assemblies for industrial and mining applications.

Compared to other sensors available on the market, the Tiefenbach inductive proximity switches, Tiefenbach magnetic switches and Tiefenbach level switches from PINTSCH are distinguished by their unique robustness and durability, even when deployed under extreme conditions. Good examples are the deployment of our sensors on hot rolling mills and steel work presses, as well as in underground mining and in the chemical industry, where additional guarantees of intrinsic safety and explosion protection need to be given.

The story of the development of these components goes back to the original company, Dr. H. Tiefenbach GmbH, a specialist equipment supplier to the coal mining industry and the experience gained over the years. Our customers benefit from this experience and application-driven, in-depth consultation; and if necessary, supplementary modules to evaluate sensor signals, lead to the optimum solution for their application. We offer a wide range of industrial standard solutions, as well as configurations adapted to complex applications. Based on our many years of experience, we are also in a position to deliver solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our top priority is to identify, analyse and avoid potential problems in advance and to find a sustainable solution together with our customer.


Proximity switch

Tiefenbach proximity switches are admirably suited to the non-contact and therefore wear-free detection of metallic objects. They have an extremely high switching distance and operate over a large detection area. Our products ensure safe operation under the toughest of conditions in harsh industrial environments and can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our wide selection of physical models and electronic versions is sure to provide a suitable solution for almost any requirement.

Magnetic switch

PINTSCH Tiefenbach magnetic switches are eminently suitable for monitoring the position of moving parts, can be deployed under almost any conditions and are extremely reliable. They defy the most adverse conditions - cold, heat, moisture, contamination and can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. PINTSCH offers a wide variety of physical models and functionality; our switches are well suited to high currents and loads and the combination of Tiefenbach switching magnets and Tiefenbach magnetic switches provides contactless switching operations with enormously large switching distances.

Level switch

PINTSCH Tiefenbach level switches keep you in the picture. Our products are maintenance-free and monitor fluid levels in open or closed pressureless vessels. They are, to a great extent, resistant to the environment and are also resistant to flame-retardant hydraulic fluids. We would be pleased to manufacture a suitable level switch for your application - call us! Models are available for both external and internal tank installation.