Fully electronic level crossing protection technology


Rbüt Baugruppenträger seitlichThe PINPROTEGIO 300 (RBÜT) is the first fully electronic level crossing protection technology from PINTSCH GmbH and has been successfully in use since 1998.

It can be used for all analog function monitoring of level crossing safety technology. The RBÜT supports trackside signals, main signals, remote monitoring, trackside signals with optimized activation and
combinations of these. It can also operate as passenger and pedestrian warning systems (level crossing with manually operated barriers and on call level crossing).

The proven secure computer system SIRES was developed for the RBÜT. The RBÜT fulfills system requirement level SIL 4 according to MÜ8004.
In maximum equipment configuration, the RBÜT can actuate and monitor up to 36 road side lights 2 aspect, yellow/red), 12 barrier actuation systems and 4 tracks 8 tracks in the case of monitoring mode Hp).
The RBÜT PCBs are installed in standardized mounting racks. The basic rack (see illustration below) can be equipped with PCBs for connection for up to 6 road side lights (road traffic signals) and 4 barrier actuation systems.
The RBÜT can be expanded for virtually any application by installing additional mounting racks with the corresponding peripheral modules A Lx acoustic module can also be connected to permit emission of acoustic signals.

As standard, the RBÜT is installed in a rectangular or square concrete switch house. If necessary, the installation in a control cabinet is possible.
All components of the RBÜT are approved by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA).




The PINTSCH type PINPROTEGIO 500 (RBUEP) computer controlled level crossing control system combines the advantages of our all electronic RBÜT system with the more flexible BÜP 93 local railway technology It can thus
be used both for DB Netz AG and non-federally owned railway systems. Thanks to its flexibility it is also eminently suitable for international use.

The RBUEP has been developed on the basis of the tried and proven SIRES safe (fault tolerant) computer system and meets the requirements of the highest system integrity level SIL 4 of the CENELEC standards.
The RBUEP can be used on routes featuring interlocked trackside signals and train driver indication signals and combinations of these. In addition, passenger and pedestrian safety systems and manually operated level
crossing barriers can be implemented using the RBUEP.

In maximum equipment configuration, the RBUEP can actuate and monitor up to 32 road side traffic lights 2 aspect, yellow/red), 16 barrier drives, 48 track mounted switching elements, 48 manual switching elements (single
channel) and/or 24 manual switching elements (two channel). The power supply is always designed with two channels (2 x 18 VDC).

The RBUEP is normally housed in a rectangular or square concrete hut, but can also be installed in a control cabinet if necessary.

All components of the RBUEP are approved by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA).
Special switching cases and functions according to the level crossing regulations for non-federally owned railroads (BÜV NE) can also be implemented with RBUEP.