PINDIAGON Diagnostics

An eye on everything. Everything under control.

We have already achieved a high level of digitization maturity today.

This was made possible by consistently pursuing a strategy of digitization.

High-performance units control systems in the field such as level crossings, point heaters, track field lighting or tunnel safety lighting systems while at the same time regulating the communication with visualisation and diagnostic systems.

Proprietary PINTSCH systems actively control, or non-reactively monitor third party systems via I/O modules; for example machine equipment (pump controllers, air conditioning systems, burglar alarm systems etc.).


Our digitization system is called DIAGON. The name is deliberately reminiscent of "diagnosis", but also of "diagonal", the direct path to the goal, instead of negotiating corners.

In addition, the similarity of the name to DIANA, the DB AG's diagnostic system is intentional, because PINTSCH GmbH, as a longstanding partner, delivers infrastructure data directly and of course in a certified manner to the DB's seven operating control centres.

Further PINTSCH customers include the Norwegian railways (BANE NOR) and ProRail in the Netherlands as well as various manufacturers of railway technology.

DIAGON uses its own server infrastructure at the monitoring level for data evaluation, visualization and control.

The DIAGON servers process the data received from the field and make it available to our customers in a modern web visualization.

The HTML5 technology employed has the benefit of ensuring platform independence; for access, client devices only require an up-to-date Internet browser and do not need to install any additional software.

Software and database maintenance is centrally organised, takes place on the server itself and is capable of supporting multiple clients, i.e. different users can log in simultaneously with their respective authorisations and access the released data.

Each user can generate their own dashboard, i.e. an individual user interface, quickly and easily.

DIAGON supports the optimization of business processes, for instance by allowing maintenance intervals to be increased, through to the complete conversion to predictive maintenance. Furthermore, DIAGON provides a number of benefits, such as enhanced troubleshooting, more efficient, easier operation and greater transparency of the condition and the availability of installed equipment. This ultimately translates into lower costs and greater punctuality for the operator and is therefore an indispensable item on the list of all railway infrastructure managers.

Project & application examples


Digitization & Diagnostics with the help of an interface for WHZ systems in Norway, BANE NOR

Prozessbild PINTSCH Webvisualisierung Vorschau

Web visualization with nationwide rollout of the “DIANA interface” in Germany