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PINTSCH acquires WOLBER Antriebstechnik

By the end of July our company has signed a share purchase agreement with the point machine specialist WOLBER Antriebstechnik GmbH, based in Velbert, Germany. Wolber has expert knowledge in the field of innovative point machine technology. Thus, the product portfolio of PINTSCH GmbH for railway control and safety technology is supplemented by a further key component that can be used in interlocking systems.

WOLBER Antriebstechnik GmbH is a supplier of components for railway signaling technology and point machine systems as well as one of the leading refurbishment specialists for point machines in Germany. The internationally positioned sales team at PINTSCH GmbH will help unlock growth potential by marketing components made by Wolber on a global basis, particularly the newly developed, innovative point machine system.

Pintsch übernimmt WOLBER Antriebstechnik
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We are introducing new product names

In Latin it calles “Nomen est omen”. We say: “These names tell the story”. Up until now, our product names were made up of letters and numbers. Now we have changed that. The new names precisely reflect the business areas to which our product fields are to be assigned. In order to establish the connection and recognition to our company name, all new product names begin with the three letters PIN. With the new naming system and the ending with -io and -on, the names sound sustainable and strong and … they have a good sound. We are of the opinion: the selection is successful.

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