Shunting Technology

Our shunting systems automate the processes of train formation. Here too, our customers benefit from our modular and well adapted solutions. These range from digital, electric locally operated points (DEOW) to decentralized route control systems to highly automated hump yard control and complex hauling technology for train formation yards.


Electric Locally Operated Points

To ensure rational operation, special requirements apply In certain areas such as shunting yards, or factory, industrial and port railways.


Train Formation Yards (ZBA)

For Train formation yards (ZBA) in freight traffic, we offer a special version of our electronic interlocking system


PINPOSITON Haulage Technology

Our shunting systems, acting directly on the wheelset, provide the concepts for optimum solutions

Pinmovio Weichenantrieb Weiche Slider Pintsch

PINMOVIO Point Machine

Our WOLBER Point Machines – robust, low-maintenance and easy to service. So they reliably ensure free shunting paths.