Interlocking System (TMC-Stw.) for the ICE Cologne-Nippes plant

Product category: Axle counting technology / Interlocking technology / Interlocking station TMC-Stw

Country / location: Germany, Cologne-Nippes, maintenance depot


At Deutsche Bahn’s most modern depot, all of the ICE trains used in DB’s high-speed passenger transport system are maintained.

The ICE 4, the latest vehicle generation, can also be maintained here

PINTSCH GmbH was commissioned to build the interlocking system (TMC-Stw.) for this ICE maintenance depot.

The Interlocking System manages 8 entry tracks with route adaptation to the neighbouring control system (SprDrs60), 44 points, 3 track locks, 52 LS signals with state-of-the-art LED technology, 77 axle counters.

Furthermore, PINTSCH GmbH, together with a partner company, has implemented an operation management computer that enables the control and monitoring of operational processes in the depot area.


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