Electric point heating for the extension and new line Karlsruhe-Basel

Product category: Track Infrastructure / Point heating systems

Country / location: Germany, the upgraded / new section (ABS / NBS) Karlsruhe – Basel


PINTSCH GmbH supplied electric point heating systems on the Karlsruhe-Basel upgraded and new line to ensure the maximum availability of the points under winter weather conditions. This line is part of the most important European freight corridor between Rotterdam and Genoa.

Three points heating stations with a total output of 310 kVA were installed in section 9 at Schliengen and Haltingen stations, to heat 16 high-speed points. At the heart of these systems are the intelligent low-voltage distribution units, whose control and diagnostic concept ensures a high degree of energy efficiency and excellent ease of maintenance and operation. The connection of the systems to the point heating server in the Karlsruhe operations centre permits location-independent, supra-regional visualisation, evaluation and parameterisation of all operating status data.

The overall system comprises of the following functional units:

  • Heating devices mounted on the rail profiles of the points
  • The intelligent low voltage distribution unit (INSV) for control and monitoring of the point heating systems with remote connection to the technical and operational centre
  • PINTSCH GmbH visualization system for location-independent acquisition of operating status data

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