Interlocking Systems for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in Duisburg

Product category: Shunting technology, interlocking technology, axle counting technology

Country of use: Germany, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg


The core working area at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG in Duisburg was completely rebuilt and updated to state of the art by PINTSCH GmbH, to ensure efficient railway operation.

Approx. 230 points, approx. 220 signals, approx. 450 axle counting circuits and approx. 1,450 routes from 13 interlocking areas were combined in one control centre. In addition, interfaces to level crossing technologies, areas with LOP (electric locally operated points) as well as to third party interlocking technology for train entry and exit into the plant area had to be realized. In the course of the project, PINTSCH GmbH also completely rebuilt the entire fibre optic network structure for the electronic interlocking station, which was to be installed.

In order to ensure efficient railway operations, the system was equipped with automated train routing and train number tracking, which considerably simplified and automated the control of railway operations at the interlocking station.

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